SANGA Exclusive Club

Sanga Exclusive Club extends an exquisite invitation to a world of unparalleled luxury, exclusively tailored for its esteemed members. Revel in a bespoke lifestyle adorned with cherished benefits: exclusive networking events, personalized concierge services, the hidden treasures of unlisted properties, and the coveted privilege of indulging in opulent stays within our prestigious global portfolio. Moreover, as a member, you'll be granted exceptional discounts when acquiring your dream property, adding an exquisite touch of splendor to your journey.

Exclusive Club

Every member of the Sanga Group team is dedicated to attending to your every need, from the exclusive privileges offered to the bespoke experiences and personalized services we provide. We are committed to fulfilling your expectations and ensuring the utmost satisfaction.

As a distinguished member such as yourself, one of the premier services offered by the Sanga Group is your concierge in all matters. Whether it be booking your flight tickets, arranging luxurious limousine transfers from the airport to your exquisite accommodation, local guide, or reserving accommodations in Japan and England.

Flight ticket
Hotel booking
Local guide

We welcome you to our SANGA Exclusive Club
and convey warm regards, hoping to create memorable experiences together.

SANGA Exclusive Club will be 4 tier
Gold Tier
Star Tier
Platinum Tier
Black Tier